The Firm

MISSION statement

Justice does not fight for itself. It demands the strength and commitment and power of strong advocates to protect the unprotected. Birdsall Law Firm’s full trial team always stands in front of our client. To shield them from the harassment and harm of those who have done wrong and whom we pursue. To speak for them to both the Judge and Jury. “Relentless” is our brand. “Tireless” is our reputation.

By standing strong and prepared on behalf of our client, we bring our own unique humanity to each case. An Birdsall Law Firm lawyer is a thoughtful, powerful warrior and a person whose full life has meaning and substance. By understanding our own story we develop the power and persuasion to tell our client’s story. By giving to our client the full essence of who we are, as human beings and as lawyers, we assure them the most complete and powerful protector of their rights: The Trial Lawyer.


the FIRM

Birdsall Law Firm, Inc. has been successfully representing clients in the United States and Mexico since 1986. Our experienced, tenacious legal team has earned a national and international reputation for taking on large, powerful, wealthy companies and bringing them to justice for causing personal injury or wrongful death. Our reputation is so well known that often a corporation will agree to a fair settlement rather than go to court against us.

If you or a loved one have been harmed by negligence, unsafe/defective products or a car or truck crash with a company vehicle, we can help you fight for rightful compensation. We will focus on you and your story, explaining your experience to the jury in a way that makes it clear to them what you have suffered and how the responsible party wronged you. We will apply this simple, powerful approach when advocating for you.

Birdsall Law Firm is equally as experienced and successful with commercial and contract cases involving unfair business practices, including major class action lawsuits against national and international corporations.